Volleyball GameThe volleyball program focuses on all the core skills in volleyball  he forearm pass, the overhead pass, setting, spiking, blocking and team offense and defense.


One-on-One Instruction

Volleyball dig shotSessions will provide a combination of one-on-one instruction to perfect individual skills, and a game-based approach (known as teaching games for understanding) to develop tactical awareness. Group sessions tend to focus on 4 v 4 King-of-the Court play to develop tactical understanding and to increase time on the ball, while 6 v 6 play is used to emphasize team systems. We also use 2 v 2 games for training and competitive play as well as fun.



Positive and Fun

Volleyball NetWith an emphasis on fun and positive reinforcement, the environment is ideal for those preparing for high school teams to develop more advanced technical skills as well as those who are newer to the game. 







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