Strength and Fitness Training

Fitness InstructionTo be successful at any sport, an athlete needs more than just skill and a good understanding of the game. In today's competitive environment, the difference in a player's performance is often the result of her strength, agility and conditioning. Properly developed, these elements translate into explosive power, in both the upper body and legs, quickness/balance and endurance allowing the athlete to perform at higher levels over extended periods of time. Importantly, they also help protect the body from injury.

Exercise bikesAt Brant Lake Sports Academy we are proud to offer a comprehensive program that will teach every camper the newest, most appropriate training programs and techniques so that you will have a strong base to build upon as you move forward in athletics. Run by our own professional personal fitness trainer, our program can be tailored to individual goals and sports-specific needs.

Using our fine facilities, including our fitness center and floor exercise areas, as well as our terrain, we are able to provide diverse sports training activities. These include:

  • Weight and resistance training
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility/quick feet and explosive speed training
  • Core strength building
  • Aerobic and anaerobic training
  • Interval and cross training
  • Pilates and stretching target muscle groups

Fitness StretchingAll Strength and Fitness training sessions are geared to the age and experience of the camper athlete in a program carefully designed and supervised by our professional staff, with safety as the utmost priority. Once again, our main goal is for campers to learn proper technique and drills to help them in their training as this program is not a "boot camp". Lastly, Strength and Fitness Training is an elective and girls can decide how much they would like to do. 

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