Soccer TackleThe soccer program at Brant Lake Sports Academy is based on the development of all aspects of soccer techniques, using individual coaching, competitive play and tactical and functional training. Fundamental techniques such shooting, passing and receiving, tackling, heading, throwing and ball control are developed to form the solid foundation of individual skills that can then be implemented in a competitive environment. Advanced static and directional offensive skills, 1 v 1 attacking and defending, and passing and shooting combinations are also taught to give players a competitive edge.


An Emphasis on Team Play

Soccer intramuralBecause of the importance of team play in soccer this has a strong emphasis within the program to ensure players understand their role on the pitch. A strong focus on odd-man attacking, fast break and flank attacks, overlap passing, cut-backs and transition play will help the player increase anticipation, reaction time, improve positioning and develop greater cohesion with their teammates.

Competitive Drills

Soccer DrillsCompetitive drills such as passing-dribbling-shooting combinations, pass-turn-shoot combinations, 2-on-1, and 3-on-2 allow players to practice their skills in an intense environment. Sessions will finish with smaller scale scrimmages or full pitch games, scrutinized by coaches to ensure skills are being executed correctly and development continues. Players of all levels will receive appropriate instruction designed for individual skill improvement. 

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