Lacrosse DeakeThe lacrosse clinics will focus on the progressive building and strengthening of all the basic skills that are the foundation of women's lacrosse; cradling, catching, passing, ground ball pick-ups and checking. Working individually as well as in pairs and groups, girls will participate in drills designed to improve these skills and a players confidence. We will also use 2v1, 3v2 and 4v4 competitive sets to work on offensive and defensive positioning and play.


Offensive and Defensive Play

Other development areas will include; shooting and scoring (both for accuracy and power), free position shots, play making, angling, position play, offensive footwork, defensive positioning and footwork, face-offs, draws and wing play. Offensive and defensive systems, as well as set plays, will also be taught and put into practice during afternoon games.

Competition Tailored to Experience

Lacrosse CoachEach session will end with a scrimmage emphasizing various aspects of team play, and designed to allow players to test the skills they have been learning. Lacrosse clinics are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of every player and are tailored to all levels of experience and play.

(Players selecting Lacrosse as a Major's are expected to bring their own equipment. Equipment is available for others as needed) 


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