Our instruction will aid in the development of all aspects of your game. Clinics will be action-packed, with no wasted time.

Individual and Team Play

Free Throws in the Arena

A strong emphasis will be placed on fundamental skills; individual offense/moves, proper shooting technique, maximizing a triple threat by teaching a variety of moves off the jab step and dribble, as well as moving without the ball, using screens and cuts to free oneself.

Team play will emphasis freelance Motion Offense (or Passing Game) which teaches players to move intelligently no matter what style of play ones coach utilizes. Also covered will be screening away from the ball, understanding spacing, back-door cuts, and v-cuts. The aim of this is to encourage awareness of how to help your teams in ways other than scoring both offensively and defensively.






Defensive Play

Individual and Team Man-to-Man Defense, will be covered and will include developing the proper stance, balance, footwork, proper positioning., helping against dribble penetration, handling screens on the ball (hedge, blitz or switch), defending screens away from the ball (including back screens), defending post-ups, proper rotations and more.

Competitive Drills

Many competitive drills and game opportunities will be utilized to reinforce the instructional elements.  Fast break opportunities will be also covered including two on one and three on two situations, how to turn a fast break into a secondary break to maximise offense without turning the ball over. 

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