Sports Instruction and Training

All Sports Instruction at Brant Lake Sports Academy is designed to take you to the next level so that you can perform more ably as an individual as well as part of a team. This involves instruction and training that is designed to help you execute skills correctly, powerfully and then eventually more quickly, all within the framework of learning how to play 'the game' smarter and more competitively. Game play also provides coaches the opportunity to work on team strategy, offensive and defensive game systems, as well as encouraging the use of new and developing individual skills to build player confidence.

One of the common elements in all our Core Sports instruction, and in most high school and college sports practices today, is the evolution of 'small games' training. This involves utilizing smaller play spaces and fewer than normal players to train and develop offensive and defensive play. Progressions of fewer 'team' numbers and unequal numbers in simulated competitive play improve quickness, creativity and provide more real-time competitive situations and encounters. Innovative fun drills and exercises also help develop and strengthen skills.

Another significant value of the busy and varied athletic schedule at Brant Lake Sports Academy is the cross training effect you hear more and more about today in sports. Studies have consistently shown that athletes who concentrate on one sport often over train, do not build the complimentary muscles so necessary to protect their bodies and build strength in both individual muscle groups as well as in the body core. By participating in a number of different sports which use different muscle groups and antagonist muscles, the athlete accrues significant advantages. Footwork and agility, speed, hand and eye coordination, aerobic conditioning, strength, peripheral vision, endurance are all enhanced through the participation and training in multiple sports.

Lastly, our coaches also work with our camper-athletes on the 'intangibles' of playing team sports in order to help make them more well-rounded competitors. Subjects covered include mental preparation, setting personal and game goals, looking for competitive advantage, building self-confidence, visualization and other techniques to help realize each individual athletes full potential. The subject of proper sports nutrition will also be reviewed by Brant Lake Camp's nutritionist to help give the girls a background in this increasingly important and evolving aspect of sport today.