Core Sports

At the Brant Lake Sports Academy, our program is largely built around four sports which we refer to as our Core Sports, although there are many other sports and activities to choose from. They involve both Instructional Clinics, run by the respective coaches and primarily devoted to skill development, as well as competitive Intramural Games.

Our Core Sports include Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Volleyball. Our camper-athletes can opt for different Core Sport Clinics each morning, Strength and Fitness Training or participation in one of our other instructional, non-core sports such as tennis, featuring lessons and clinics taught by our Professional tennis staff. (Other instructional sports include softball, water skiing/wake boarding, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and even golf.)


We know that athletes at many ages participate at many levels which is why we offer Varsity clinics for the more skilled, advanced and experienced campers, as well as level 1 clinics for those who are looking to take a stab at a new sport

After Clinics, girls may also choose to participate in activities we call Hobbies which include ceramics, drawing, arts and crafts, climbing wall, archery and many more. Or you can decide just take some time off to relax, hang out and play with friends or the counselors before heading to lunch. (See our Other Sports and Activities list).

In the afternoon, Intramural Games are played with a different sport chosen each day by the coaches. These games are in one of the Core Sports, plus the addition of softball, and are all competitive events run by the Coaches with scores and standings kept over the two week schedule. (Lacrosse is the only intramural game which is not mandatory to play.)

At Brant Lake Sports Academy, we are committed to creating a program that works for you - and can tailor it to meet your individual needs and interests. As noted above, you can also decide on how much instruction and training you want versus enjoying the many other recreational activities at camp.