Brant Lake Camp enjoys its own beautiful waterfront situated directly on Brant Lake, a six and a half mile crystal clear lake. Our 1200 feet of sandy beach shoreline is in a sheltered cove just perfect for all waterfront activities. (For a complete summary of all our lakefront facilities, please see our Facilities section of this site.)

Our waterfront is run by a Waterfront Director whose sole responsibility is the safe operation of all water activities that are run at the lake and the leadership of our full time Red Cross Certified lifeguard staff-- plus counselors who supplement our guarding.

The Waterfront Director primarily manages activity from the lifeguard tower and is the vigilant supervisor of the numerous "buddy checks" that are run every swim period.  Supporting our Waterfront Director are our specialty heads for swimming instruction, water-skiing and small crafts.

All the girls in the Brant Lake Sports Academy will have the opportunity to get to the lake at least once a day for an activity of their choice. When it's extra hot, swim periods are often extended and early evening waterfront periods are also offered.

Activities at the Lake Include:

Swimming    Water-skiing/wake-boarding       
Caneoing/boating    Kayaking
Sailing    Fishing
Beach Volleyball    Water Basketball
Beach and deck games, including ping pong    Snorkeling
Inner tubing and other water toys    Sand castle building
Long-mileage swims, based on a number of swimming legs          Barbecues and campfires

Other Sports Activities

Because of the size and quality of the facilities at Brant Lake we are able to provide a variety of sporting options in which girls can participate during hobbies periods or in their own free time.

Softball    Golf
Archery    Badminton
Golf (Including putting green, driving cage and practice course)    Touching Football
Fitness and Weight Training    Frisbee Golf
Mountain biking    Roller hockey

Special Activities/Events

We have a variety of very special activities that help make for a most memorable summer.  These include...

Green & Gray

Sometimes referred to as 'Color War', Brant Lake Camp's most exciting special event is our traditional Green & Gray competition. This occurs during the part of the summer when the Brant Lake Sports Academy is in session and all the Brant Lake Sports Academy girls will get to participate in this incredible all-camp event, competing in a number of sports against other Sports Academy girls members of the Green or Gray team.

During Green and Gray, almost all regular activity is suspended for several days and the camp divides into the two teams to participate in what we call "the highest form competition involving the utmost form of respect for the opponent". In a tradition that dates back to 1917, once a new camper is chosen in our special opening ceremony, he or she will compete on that team and always be that color for the rest of his or her life. (Hence the expression you will hear that-- "once a Green always a Green-- and once a Gray always a Gray."

All Brant Lake Camp and Brant Lake Sports Academy girls compete against their peers in a variety of sports and activities, with all games of equal value in the point totals. (Believe it or not, our Rope Burning contest is one of the most exciting and enjoyed events.)

The thrill of Green and Gray is more in the playing than anything else-- and is something everyone eagerly awaits. From the surprise breaking of the event, whose date, time, theme and location, is a closely guarded secret, to the closing ceremony, it is an unforgettable and fun experience for all. (Seeing to it that teams are as balanced as possible by group is a key task of the Key Staff and Directors. 

Green and Gray is truly the culmination and showcase of all the developing skills, teamwork and sportsmanship we strive for all at all times at Brant Lake Camp.

Arts & Crafts

Our fully stocked Arts & Crafts facilities provide extensive opportunities for those looking to express their creative sides.   Crafts, ceramics, wood-shop and drawing and painting are all available, while some girls take great pride in creating personalized clothing for events throughout the session.

Other Special Activities

Talent Shows          Overnight Sleep-outs    
Games      Ping-pong
Photography      Video/film  
Radio Station      CD Burning


One of the nice things about being adjacent to the Brant Lake boys camp is the opportunity to organize co-ed socials several times during the week, for those who are interested. Whether it's a casual evening hanging out in the clubhouse, shooting baskets with the boys, barbeques, going to the movies or getting together for evening snacks, socials are a popular activity.


Camp Fires

Throughout the summer, we feel it is important for the girls to enjoy sitting out under the stars at a campfire, hearing stories, exchanging experiences and enjoying S'mores and roasted marshmallows. Campfires are always a hit and create wonderful memories for all.


Fun, out-of-camp trips are planned each week as a change of pace to the daily program. Trips may include outings to theme parks, movies or mini-golf.


On Sunday afternoons, we have special co-ed barbeques down at the lake which are a lot of fun. Hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chips, cookies and soft drinks are always on-hand to make the sunsets extra special.

Banquet Night

Towards the end of the Brant Lake Sports Academy session, we celebrate the close with a very special, more formal dinner for all the camper athletes. The Head Counselors recap the highlights of the session and coaches, counselors and campers share their experiences.