Health & Nutrition

Health Center/Medical Staff

Brant Lake Sports Academy utilizes the health facilities located on Brant Lake's center campus. Our Health Center has separate examination rooms, a medicine dispensary, overnight rooms and a ward room. We are also only a short distance from two other professionally staffed health centers in our local/nearby communities and a major hospital in Glens Falls. EMT support is stationed locally and BLC has its own full time EMT personnel on campus.

Our resident, on-campus health staff consists of a doctor and four nurses who support almost all the needs of our campers and staff on a 24 hour and 7 day-a-week basis. They also deal with special problems such as allergies, chronic health issues and those requiring regular medication. If someone is confined to the Health Center for more than 24 hours, or is receiving care for a special problem, the health staff will always consult with the camper's parents. We readily seek the assistance of the camper's personal physician or one of the many fine specialists in our area, with parental coordination.

Our staff also understands that younger girls away from home with a health problem often need a dose of extra "tender loving care" and they always go the extra distance to make sure that all is right.

Food and Dining

At Brant Lake Sports Academy, our goal is to provide good, nutritious and well-balanced meals that kids love. And-- from what we hear as well as learn from our food surveys, we're doing a pretty good job.

Our Chef Abu has been with us for over 30 years and is a favorite, making sure that all our campers are well taken care of.

We have fresh fruit available at every meal, a salad bar, vegetarian and pasta alternatives, a variety of breads, cakes and cookies and a whole lot more. Special diets and allergies are also closely monitored by our pantry manager who takes care of these personalized needs. Importantly, we maintain a "Peanut/Nut-Free" policy throughout camp. (Please see below for more information on this policy and Special Diets.)

We serve most of the Brant Lake Sports Academy's meals (breakfasts and lunches) in our beautiful Adirondack style club house while dinners are usually served in the upstairs dining room on center campus. We also have a co-ed Sunday cookout at the lake each week with our older boys which is fun for all. Our Banquet at the end of the session is also one of our special events. Below are some examples of our menu:


At every breakfast we have:     Main courses include:
 Orange Juice     Pancakes (plain blueberry, banana)            
 Milk (skim, 1-2%, whole, soy, chocolate)     Scrambled and fried eggs
 Hot chocolate     Cheese omelets
 Hot Cereal     Belgian waffles
 Cold Cereal variety     French toast
 Fresh fruit     Donuts and pastries
 Yogurt     Bagels and cream cheese


At every lunch we have:     Main courses include: 
Soup     Grilled cheese
Salad bar     Chicken nuggets, tenders or "buffalo" wings
Tuna salad     Philly cheese steak subs
Pasta salad     Hamburgers and French fries
Hot pasta/vegetarian alternative                  Hot dogs and baked beans
Soy Nut Butter and Jelly     Pizza
Fresh fruit     Tacos/Burritos
Apple juice or fruit punch     Chicken breast sandwiches
Ice cream/ices     Macaroni and cheese
Cookies     Cold cut subs


At every dinner we have:      Main courses include: 
Salad bar and bread/rolls     Turkey with stuffing
Vegetables     Spaghetti & meatballs
Potatoes, pasta or rice     Grilled steak
Fresh fruit     BBQ chicken
Pasta/Vegetable alternative                         International theme foods                          
Desserts     Chinese, Mexican, Italian
      Mediterranean stir fry
      Baked Lasagna and Ziti

Allergies/Special Diet Policy

Brant Lake Sports Academy is highly equipped and prepared in caring for campers with special dietary needs, particularly those with food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances in addition to vegetarian and vegan diets. In support of this growing need, we have a second, professional chef in our Kitchen who is dedicated to preparing meals and snacks for those with special food and diet needs. Importantly, we even have a separate cooking and preparation area to help ensure that food is not exposed to allergen contamination. In this way we can safely provide for those campers with Celiac disease, gluten-free needs, among others.

Food Allergies

We maintain a “PEANUT/TREE NUT – FREE” policy throughout our camp which means we do not serve or offer any nuts or products that contain nuts or nut oil as an ingredient. This includes pistachios, almonds, pecans, coconuts, among others. (Soy is the most common peanut substitute such as in soy “peanut” butter and soy-based snack bars.)

Furthermore, no peanut or tree nut products are permitted to be brought into camp or provided as gifts/treats during the summer. Products that contain nuts, or are produced on machinery/facilities that also process food and/or candy which contains nuts, are also not offered or permitted. We review food labels on a regular basis and will not serve food products where peanuts, tree nuts or sesame are noted. We also do not serve any shellfish.

Please be aware that while we maintain a very strict policy concerning the above items, take precautions to prevent contact with these allergens and are vigilant in our efforts, we cannot guarantee that campers with allergies will not come into contact with these foods while at camp. This is due to the fact that nuts and sesame are not always obvious ingredients in foods, are not always clearly labeled and that others entering camp may have in their possession.

Families with campers who have allergies are requested to review their particular case with us, complete the necessary dietary and health record forms and agree on a plan of action for the summer. Brant Lake Sports Academy, as part of it’s on-going education efforts, will work with its staff as well as other campers and parents to make them aware of the risks involved with allergens and ensure that they adhere to our strict policy at all times, including the monitoring of all campers during out-of-camp trips.

Other food allergies and food related health issues are readily dealt with on an individual case basis including gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance. Our Kitchen regularly stocks rice milk, Silk soymilk, as well as whole, 1%, fat free milk and 1% chocolate milk and will stock Lactaid milk as needed. Lactaid tablets are also available and can be given at meals and snack time.

Epi pens, in addition to being available in the Health Center, are kept in our dining room, all bunk areas, the waterfront, center campus/office and Arts & Crafts. Epi pen training is also conducted for many key staff throughout camp and for kitchen personnel.

Special Diets

While “picky” eaters present problems for most food service operations with a somewhat fixed menu, we do provide options at each meal and address specific camper needs on an individual basis before the start of the summer. For example, there is always pasta available (plain or with a sauce) as well as vegetarian options at both lunch and dinner. Additionally, a full salad bar is available at both lunch and dinner which includes a variety of mixed greens, tomatoes, cottage cheese, tuna, fruit and pasta salad, etc.

Lastly, certain accommodations can be made for girls on special or restricted diets involving the storing and serving of some special food items for their use only.

References are available from our group of special diet need camper families upon request.

Sports Nutrition

The subject of Sports Nutrition will be the focus of a number of educational sessions, Q and A's and consults by Brant Lake Camp's nutritionist to help give the Brant Lake Sports Academy girls a background in this increasingly important and evolving aspect of sports today. Subjects covered will include the basics on the science of nutrition with an eye towards the athlete and those in training, pre-game meals, proper hydration, the truth behind sports drinks, the role of electrolytes, maintaining a sound and balanced diet, the role of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in an athlete's diet, understanding the effect of sugar and salt in your system, allergies and special problems/diets, among others.